Juventus make £88m bid for Cristiano Ronaldo


The matches that are going on around particularly incentive cortin inside number one coach always a great atmosphere here the blue and white flowers matching with the green creeper to pick out the colors of the all england club and the stream that's running behind me it's all very decorative and water of course is an issue here because they've got so much cross to look after for the grass courts in the stream itself actually is no such thing it actually circulates perpetually and there's a shine to explain that to the punters in case they're worried that water is being wasted an act really good news for the organizers in a sense last night we had finally after many weeks some heavy rain last night only for half an hour or show but that's certainly freshened up the lawns around me and it's made the arab bit fresher as well actually this morning still going to be a hot day though later on today when we get the action going once again the biggest news from here at wimbledon on wednesday was the ousting of yet another top seed in the women's draw number two seed and australian open champion caroline wozniacki ousted by katharina macara in three sets in the second round it looked inevitable when she was five one down in the final set but she hold it back and seem to be back on track only from a character to collect yourself from wind through seven five in the third in the end wasn't yankees exit means only well number one and defending champion caffeine or muga reuther and seventh seed caroliina plus cover remained from the chop age in the women's draw dane wozniacki looked rather stunned and upset by what had happened i played someone who you know went all in with every single shot and a lot of lines a lot of you know crazy shots were going in and you know she was playing well then at that point what can you do you just have to keep fighting and wait for your opportunity and you know i i thought all i had and i just lack just a little bit today so she's going home of course serena williams still here it's just a ranking is rather lonely after time for having a baby but she's still one of the favorites and moved into the third round saying she was feeling better than she had for her first round game not something the rest of the draw particularly want to hear roger federer also through with these and former runnerup me las ranches progressing as well he went through in straightsets yesterday but it was harder than it sounded against australia's john millman because all three sets went to try brakes around each is through nonetheless despite that particular test later on today a few matches to catch up with of course because of the problems with the rain last night marin chile will return later well ahead of guido pella and south africa's number eight seed kevin anderson was also delayed he's twosetstoone up against andreas seppi genesis alshabaab wasn't even able to start her match against katharina sinker all the news from here women alden today at wimbledon eighteen thirty gmt here on the bbc now there is some sport going on away from here at wimbledon football not the world cup instead you ventures managing director giuseppe marotta has not wished to clear things up very much on the possibility of this area champions making a move for real madrid's cristiano ronaldo reports suggested the reigning champions league holders are weighing whether to sell ronaldo is sports journalist italian football expert james hardcastle he's wages which had a big problem because they are four times what he quite the current highest earner is being paid so you are interested they've been talking to his agent but it looks like this is going to be a very difficult transferred to pull off and we could we see a joint bid from north african countries algieria tunisia and morocco to host the football world cup in twenty thirty morocco of course lost out for the fifth time when it was awarded in twenty twenty six to the joint northamerican bid of the us canada and mexico now algeria in particular shay that they are looking at a joint north african bid for twenty thirty along with morocco syria bidders for the championship and tunisia talking to football i mentioned the big screen here at wimbledon of course england are in a world cup quarterfinal on saturday afternoon which is going.

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