Tinder Loops, the dating app’s new video feature, rolls out globally


Sunday highs eighty to eighty two degrees temperatures in federal hill in baltimore eighty one degrees seventy nine in federal's berg and coming up on the news at six thirty seven year old clinging to life after yesterday's shooting now most of us here are either married or relationships on the show so it wouldn't necessarily apply to was but you ever heard of tender a tender is yes i have a daughter who she is gender or knows about it watson dating app tender has apparently i've ever used it by understand if you like somebody you see their picture zia swipe bright or something if you don't then use keep swiping left till you find somebody that you are interested in the concept i think i've something up there but they've introduced a new looping video that lets users add super brief video to their dating profiles called tinder loops that's to second looping video feature meant to let daters better show their personalities users can upload existing videos into the edit into a two second clip now how are you possibly going to get to know somebody or find out their personality in two seconds in a in a video on tinder that's usually how long it takes joe well i just called me a nasty name tell you what are you saying i'm gonna tell my mother oh yeah but he's not on tinder lives he's on fruit loops he says i'm trying to draw them out for a long time that would just you're coming up i understand the fruit loops i suppose say here have you ever used it no because i know you've been dating on off nevertheless nine never had any desire to so you don't use any of them these tender and they've had success with it what kind of name is tender i mean he's like trying to guess maybe light a fire response love me tender cut it out relax relax shot at the end of the week he's used up all is good stuff this is what we get i don't know what that is an account this is what you get wait till nine o'clock and see what you get thank you we're not expecting much our expectations have been significantly lowered thank you mr mr whittaker she forget anything the rest of the day we'll see you a couple of six eight hundred eighteen minutes after the hour so violence public harassment we're seeing against supporters of president trump they include the.

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