Senate Intel agrees with assessment that Russia meddled to help Trump


Now i've got very important news to tell you stuff it's really gonna blow your mind alec baldwin and martin sheen are going on a twenty four hour hunger strike for oh oh no how will they ever make it through twenty four hours they're so dedicated to evergreens this is the thing that i saw today the real thing the people are talking about i should go on a twenty four hour hunger strike that actually fit into my bathing suits from last summer anyway goals hashtag goals hashtag dad body fight the big thing today and i saw this on fox it's getting a lot of attention to people are like oh gosh what does this all mean here's the the quick dirty the senate intel senate intel community committee has been looking at the findings of the intel community in the two thousand sixteen presidential election that quote the they weren't to help donald trump intelligence committee's findings were quote accurate on pouring according to an unclassified report and accompanying statement by the senate select committee on tolerance released tuesday so they are saying sure enough that russia wanted to help russia wanted to help trump in the election this is from the senate select committee on television they released this and they go into some stuff about the disputes between fbi cia and nsa i used to be a part of these disputes on different analytic products i i've been in the room i fought it out with people from different that stuff can get heated by the way you can imagine when some bureaucrat feels like the stakes are the national security interests of the united states you can get very passionate you can get very sanctimonious to in some of these interagency intelligence assessment meetings i remember things get real heated on some iraqrelated stuff back in the days you can imagine so looking at this now people are going to say oh gosh russia wanted to help trump here's the thing russia was trying to sow chaos russia was doing what it has been doing for decades this you can either make it sound like a really big deal or you can put it in the proper context which is this is a continuation of rough russian provocations against the us and a lot of other countries by the way stretching back for decades this is a way that they pursue with debut as their foreign policy interests by frying to show chaos in the electoral processes of other countries and chaos made me too strong a word just to try to gum up the works a little bit and to push those candidates that they feel like maybe you're more aligned with their interests in some ways on some others downplay or engage in propaganda against candidate but they've been doing this forever i wish they would teach kids in school about what the soviet union was really up to and it's ties to the communist party usa and all the different soviet agents in this country instead you get some five line paragraph about mccarthy was really bad and he did bad things and he lied about people it's like no mccarthy was actually mostly right alger hiss was a spy etcetera etcetera you go online you see that there were deep and very serious very senior penetrations of the united states governed by the communists and there are a lot of americans who were communist fellow travelers and working with the communist party that was a real thing and a very serious national security threat to us but that's not taught people don't know about it and.

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