D&S- Abandoned Church or College? Gotta listen to The Nice Guys if you want to find out.


The nice guys on business have a very limited vocabulary most of which is four letter words and bathroom humor. Yes. They act like ten year old boys on a good day. There will be fart. Jokes and worse. Parental discretion is advised it stricken. You just pass by them possibly what the policies and procedures are for the amount of time that must elapse before a customer gets a menu. I'll have with the nice guys on business or having. They always fuck you at the drive drive-thru. Oh, and on the nice guys on business podcast, need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now here all your host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner. Okay. Oh, you are recording? Good. I just just so there's a couple of things that are either going on number one year either at a brothel where there's a woman having a very loud orgasm pleasure being pleasure by a very large man or you're at a bar, which one are you. Hang on. I want to go back to that first because. Specific. No, it is definitely the former. I don't know what the hell you're talking about Vegas or something. I, where are you? You're in, you're, are you in Maine, the way will, by the way, prostitute is illegal and biggest by the way legal in Nevada, but it's illegal in Clark, county eggs. I am not in Maine, it's a long story, but I'm in Connecticut. Wait a minute. Hold on a second. I wanna hear part of the story because you should be in Maine right now, shouldn't you be? I, I went to Maine to drop one child off at college. I'm on my way back, but on the way back where stopping in Connecticut because another child wants to go visit an abandoned church. And so we're staying overnight in Connecticut, so we can make up in the morning and go see the abandoned church in the daylight. I'll go on the details right to say this. I would like to say this, you are a better father. Then I would ever that I would ever imagine that I will ever be. And then I have ever been a one of your kids says to you. I want to stop dad. I have a great idea coming home from Maine through Connecticut. I would like to stop it in an abandoned church and you're willing to put up a an entire night hotel room and stopping probably well more than not even. Is it not not halfway? Is it it's? It is about halfway, but yet this after eight and a half hour drive up to Connecticut. And now I'm sorry up to Maine, and then it's going to be another eight and a half hour drive back, split half its. I got on what we do to keep our children happening. Right. Is it sixteen wait a minute? If I did the math correctly, I counted seventeen hours there. Is it seventy? Nine? We're driving to Maine, Maryland. Well, no, nine and a half or eight and a half hours up eight and have our back. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said I thought you meant eight and a half hours each way. So did you actually the ride earn worth? Did you go nor hours each way? Okay. When you went north, did you actually do the halfway stop? Did you stop in at least? Did you play it fair? Did you go to an abandoned synagogue? What you know what you didn't go to abandoned synagogue because us Jews or too stingy to actually in anything exactly. No, there are no abandoned synagogues. No you. You don't want. It's really interesting all of the synagogues. You know, maybe it's the other way around all of the churches that really want to move to another facility when they grow too large, they, they sell their facility to the Jews and we and we buy their their old churches from them and convert them into synagogues. There's got to be something about. I, I had no idea. I, I mean, unless you're enlist your like in an area that is like hard what his place I'll be playing video games there. What is going on? What are you hearing? Because I have. Club music. It's. This, I'm going to other restaurant slash bar called Maggie MC flies. Okay. It's like kind of local here to Connecticut, but I think it's also a chain. It's actually one of the topics I put on. I don't know that we want to get into it because you have a lot of really good topics, and this one is separate, but let me get magnetic flies the first of all you. It looks like a really fun hometown bar type of place. They've got some tables outside which right right now, but it's like midnight right now so that the restaurant part is closed and I and the bar part is open, right? There's only like fifteen people here, but it sounds like about a fuck it on because really we actually eight here earlier as well. We had dinner here and my family at dinner here earlier, and it just looks like a fun, like warm and fuzzy American pump food restaurant, like a TGI

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