President Trump, President Obama and President discussed on Garden Show


And w CD dot com. Presidential Poche ahead of the midterms. I'm Pam who sell Fox News election years zingers has former President Barack Obama hits the campaign trail for Democrats. What happened to the Republican party, Mr Obama knocking the GOP end President Trump on a smorgasbord of issues, including the national debt, healthcare and pulling out of the Paris climate accord, but President Trump hit back in our later in North Dakota. He said, what did you think of President Obama's speech? And I said, I'm sorry. I watched it, but I fell asleep both presidents taking credit for a strong economy. That's FOX's Ray Bogan today. President Obama campaigns in California, President Trump has no events scheduled fourteen days in prison. That's the sentence handed down to former Trump campaign aide. George popadopoulos who says lying to the FBI was a dreadful mistake. Popadopoulos was the first former campaign official to plead. Guilty as part of the special counsels Russia investigation.

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