A man arrested in New York may be a serial killer


And teams are looking for more victims increasing fear that a man arrested for. Murdering, a New York woman maybe a serial killer with victims across the country, police sources now say that Twenty-seven-year-old Daniel Drayton claims to have committed several murders Drayton already, across, country fugitive wanted in New York for the murder of Samantha Stewart a. Twenty nine year old nurse in queens The victim's. Father in shock I am morning heartbroken police believe the two met on an online dating app authorities now also connecting Drayton to the recent rape. Of, a twenty three year old woman in Brooklyn ABC's aerial Rachef, in, international friendly play, on Saturday. Lolita side are, CD Espanol defeated FC Cincinnati three to, two at Newport stadium next. Saturday August fourth FCC. Will host Nashville s. c. n. a rivalry game here's a. Reds update swung online drive right fail Williams has it and this one belongs to the reds Another loss Philadelphia phillies Game tonight by a score of sixty two Marty Brennaman with the. Final call they finish their series up today and Louis. Castio gets a start for. The red. Lakes our.

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