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Only office place. Michael Strahan and Sarah Haynes are set to co host the new third hour of good Morning. America starts on September the tenth because we just can't get enough good Morning America. We need three hours of new gig means that Hanes is going to be leaving her position as a co host on the view. She started working at ABC in two thousand thirteen as a news contributor and to host for good Morning America leading up to her seat on the view. Strahan has been part of the family since two thousand twelve. Is it really been that long? Two thousand twelve when he co hosted live with Kelly and Michael with Kelly Ripa that's actually been six years already that stray Hannah's left that show. It's hard to believe yeah went on forever two of the Kelly replacement right were rolling different hosts. In there what have you and then she winds up with. Brian Secrest so these two teams? Are going to co host starting on September the tenth Michael.

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