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Watch in, effect you news. Time to thirty, nine the sexual offenders Assessment Board is issued its finding on comedian Bill Cosby and his sexual assault conviction in Montgomery County the update from KYW's suburban bureau chief Jim, Melwert the Montgomery County DA's office is filed paperwork requesting. A hearing prior to Bill Cosby sentencing Appoint a report from the sexual offenders Assessment Board which says according to the board. Suspects Bill Cosby is a sexually, violent, predator assessment. Was ordered following Cosby's conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault because of that conviction Cosby will be required to register under Megan's Law for the rest of his life but if the court determines use a sexually. Violent predator there's a digital, community notification kospi has. Been fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet and has been ordered not to leave his Elkins park home in less. Given permission is sensing scheduled, for September twenty fourth and twenty fifth at the suburban bureau Jim Melwork KYW NewsRadio the, White House says several former Obama era intelligence officials have politicized and monetize their access to national security. Information they may lose their clearances the White House aim to punish former national security officials who are critical of President Trump. Especially when it comes to. Russia, is the latest reaction test on Capitol Hill speaker, of the, house Paul Ryan asked about it believes the president is just trying to push the buttons of his as seen on TV detractors, I think he's trolling people honestly This is something that's in the. Purview of the executive branch, I think some of these people already lost their clearances that's not really in our purview, James Comey and Andrew McCabe both lost clearances when fired from their jobs John Brennan who said last. Week the president's actions was leading MIR Putin were treasonous and James Clapper a frequent critic say nothing will deter them from. Speaking their minds Bob Costantini.

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