FEMA official being investigated for sexual misconduct


This is how that went on, missile job I loved that job I love the job center will, you run for office again All that. That if I say anything there He'll put a story so I I don't. Know I don't know, I don't Ruled it out all right so there is another situation. To watch in, Minnesota former Senator Al Franken and of course. Former Saturday Night Live writer. And cast member. You know the. Story there The interesting, to see what Dr Thompson thinks about all of this our. Media, expert who joins us on Tuesday mornings he'll be with us, coming up at six, o five we'll talk about moon, vests, and I'm, sure, a little bit of Al Franken as well five forty two your time time to check headlines with John Stokes Federal Emergency Management agency making changes in light of allegations Tom former official essentially harassing. Female colleagues are preliminary results of an internal FEMA investigation found that former personnel chief. Korey Coleman allegedly created an atmosphere of, sexual harassment according, to a Washington Post, report, Coleman allegedly hired women, he met at bars and dating sites to engage in sexual relationships with male friends, that Coleman also, hired in a statement. FEMA administrator. Brock long called the allegations quote deeply disturbing and said he'd overhaul the. Way FEMA trains, employees and deals, with allegations of employee misconduct. Alley Rogan ABC news Washington Early to, wing, sent for college student Iowa went missing while jogging search for Molly Tibbets continue strangers trying to help her find her long haul truckers is he's driving all over the state with a sign posted. On his trunk asking for leads about Tibbets disappearance young child among four people found. Dead Monte in an apartment in queens. It's believed the two women a man, and, a boy bleed to, be five years old had been shot investigators now trying to determine if this is, a murder suicide, case WBZ traffic now. Here's my Google. The ramp. From eighty five westbound seventy seven northbound is sluggish that's. A, construction zone so those, delays will continue this morning seventy seven northbound, is sluggish from just past eighty-five continuing up to sunset, road forty, five. In, both directions, between west. And still creek road they continue street sweeping there on the highway, expect those, rolling closures as you head to work there? Is a report of a stalled vehicle on exit ramp from forty. Five eastbound to railroad so use caution when..

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