Families of Missouri 'duck boat' sinking victims sue tour company


Fox News fair and balanced Muggy tree w IPC mobile news on the level, on the go Why the governor says he, wants a hate crimes. Law showers on. Radar at sixty five, now rain and seventy four. Your, high today I'm c. j.. Miller here's what's trending at seven oh to a. Groundswell of support and certainly the governor's statement today was really welcome Lindsey, mints with the Indianapolis Jewish community Relations Council following service last night a congregation charade to feel in Carmel were. Nazi symbols were spray painted on the property sometime over the weekend now there's a twenty five hundred dollar. Reward leading to, the arrest and conviction of those who did it the, governor says if you commit a. Crime against someone based on discrimination you should get a tougher sentence. I think it's long overdue that we move forward as a state and that's why the. Governor. Is calling, on your state lawmakers to pass a heat crimes Bill next year a drunk driving arrest over the weekend. Is why a local police chief is no. Longer on, the, job Stanley Fischer's police chief Mitch Thompson has resigned three days As after his drunk driving. Arrest mayor Scott fatness says he and the chief. Agreed that Thompson could no longer lead the, department STAN Lear Ninety-three. WABC mobile new. Lawsuit for one hundred, million dollars could put the. Duck, boat industry out of business. Says attorney Robert mongoloid he's representing members of the. Coleman family of indi who died when a duck boat sank in Branson, Missouri since nineteen ninety nine there have been forty two deaths associated with duck boats you says the Coleman family. Losses were preventable but the companies refused to remove canopies the trap people inside killing seventeen people when the. Boats turned over, nearly two weeks ago after having the day off yesterday, colts quarterback Andrew luck and the. Rest of the team will be back at practice this morning I'm. Kevin Bowen in Westfield Andrew locks throwing schedule for the week we'll have him tossed him. Balls. And team, drills on Tuesday and Wednesday before taking Thursday off and returning to throw on Friday night the colts are. Still without left tackle, Anthony Costanzo though and. Starting safety Clayton. Gathers, Emily cooker remain on the teams physically unable. To perform, list Kevin Bowen Ninety-three WABC mobile news and taking revealing photos of a woman at WalMart is what two minute Westfield are accused of doing. I'm John Herrick and it happened at the WalMart on one hundred fifty I street just before noon. July twenty third the Westfield, police department. Says one of the men followed a woman through the WalMart and took the photo of her when, she leaned over and another. Man was with them if you have any information be. Sure to call Westfield, police to see.

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