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Ten high school students how to, do things like using Narcan to do it right there for yourself was a little scary fit we save the patient so it was it was really good student Cristina Vazquez says it she, was nervous, but, knows, her experience will help save others KOMO news, time twelve forty sports time to. Check in with Bill Swartz for Tom Glasgow baseball weather for a huge mariner series at. Safeco field Hot Seattle temperature and hopefully tour at Mariners bats for. An important homestand one, that starts at seven ten tonight against the. AL west leading Astros. The Mariners are, four games behind Houston in the standings the m.'s offense had, been dormant in July until Sunday at Anaheim when they erupted for seven runs in the first inning have not brought eleven guys Great to see guys relaxed Following that, eight to five win manager Scott. Service counting on big lefty James Paxton this evening expected to come off the ten day l. due to a stiff back fluids and sunscreen in order for the. Seahawks training camp day four, in Renton this morning receiver Doug Baldwin did not practice due. To, a left leg. Injury Earl Thomas still contract hold out the Seattle Sounders continue to climb. Major league soccer's, Western Conference thanks to Sunday three to one victory over NYC FC the rave..

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