Creepy New Trailer For 'Slender Man' Movie Has Been Released


We randomly talk about multiple weeks in a row, like always makes, yeah. Like what Willie walk had the long stretch that's currently the. That's the Cal Ripken of of running news stories, which we talked about Willie Wonka for a very long time. So that is Star Wars, and Charlie's angels. We were done with Star Wars for now, put a lid on it also by the way we're, we've been view in this episode what a great host. I am here not even setting that up. We have an interview with the Patrick Renna AK ham porter from the San LA, Kendrick, Jack, and I talked him for about fifteen twenty minutes. We don't have that in the middle of this podcast. So she'll be a fun one. Ken Jak admitted to him that he doesn't like the big green or like the big ring wasn't on his top ten list, and it was pretty funny exchange. And then let's move on next bit of news. Slender man, new slender man trailer. We kind of were anti slender man trailer when it first came out. This is a new one opinions changed. You wanna see more. You wanna see a less. I wanna see it even less. I think they're making this fucking movie after this horrific actual real life of that happened, not even half a decade ago. This is like. Exploiting it like another sound soft. You know, whatever. But I think it's stupid. I think just straight up stupid. It's dumb as hell. My opinion has not changed. You need a reference in this specific time code or talked about it before because I don't think we could summarize it any better. Fuck, fuck this movie. And I don't say that a lot. I do not say that a lot in this podcast, you know, I'm very careful with with saying bad about the brands in about the movies, but I just I do not like this movie. I do not like what they're doing with it. It's it's really fucked up. The stabbing was only like four years ago, like you're saying, it's it's necessary. It's not. It's not a famous event where you can whitewashed for the event of what for the profit of movie theater. It's silly like even Billy idea even like patriots day or they call it. The Boston marathon bombing movie, which was in sanely way too early to make a movie like that. There's actually been two of them because there is the stronger one, but that was don't hall on. Yeah, that was that was nice, but even even the patriots won like there was a. There's a positive story behind it. Right? Like the talked about the heroes of it in the moment of crisis. This is not that at all. This is just a fucking horror movie. Yeah, it's just it's, it's truly messed up. I big here. It's really, really easy to be cynical about movies and how movies get made and what movies they put forward. And I agree with a lot of that, and I think we do a good job on this podcast talking about the joys of the movies, but this is one of these where I am just so cynical against this movie, the concept behind it, why it's being made the character. I just I don't like it and it's not all due to what it's based off some of its that, but it also just looks like a crappy movie. And also what's up. I didn't see this new trailer. I didn't watch it because I'm kind of doing a self-imposed imposed a boycott. I'll get to it. Overlord there needs to be no, when the plane explodes, and then there's that affect. In just goes silent. I feel like that's used in so many trailers and an horror movie trailers. And I feel like we need to, we need to name that effect. Okay. Is in the moment to, I believe so plane crashing. Yeah. Okay. So it looked up you to know we're talking about and tweet us. We're going to name that because you know like the Wilhelm scream, you know the one that's always a movies, we'll we'll name it. All right. Lead us. Just try to find it here real quick and we're not going to do the editing, but I just want to play it. So people know this is the first raw podcast. Yeah, time minus splicing in the the interview. We have some point Argos here with us right here that. Put a closer..

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