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Public safety foundation by donating point one three percent every purchase tv show roseanne went down in flames after its star posted a racist tweet but ap entertainment editor oscar wells gabriel reports there's a chance that star could rise from the ashes with an emmy nomination roseanne barr show was cut from the abc schedule after her racist tweet got her fired the show was not caught from the list of shows up for consideration for emmy nominations and there's a chance that the show and its cast including bar herself could end up being nominated though it is a tv show it could make for some interesting political theater bar has complained that us a trump supporter in real life she has been unfairly treated for comparing a former obama administration official to an ape and some of her online followers agree i'm oscar wells gabriel oscar winning actor geoffrey rush has pulled out of a shakespeare stage production in australia the australian actors suing the daily telegraph newspaper for defamation of her articles published in december that accused him of inappropriate behavior toward an actress during the sydney theater company's production of king lear in two thousand fifteen the artistic director of the melbourne theatre company says he received a statement from the actor withdrawing from the role of malvolio in a seven week season of twelfth night which began november twelfth rush who's denied the allegations says he must withdraw from the upcoming project due to his current circumstances and medical advice sarah palin says she was duped by british comedian sasha baron cohen during an interview ap correspondent juliet walker says it was for his upcoming showtime series in a facebook post the former republican vice presidential candidate roach she and one of her daughter's traveled across the country for what sarah palin thought was a legitimate interview but she says sasha baron cohen had heavily disguised himself as a disabled us veteran in a wheelchair palin says she sat through what she called a long interview full of hollywood 'isms disrespect and sarcasm before she walked out she's challenging the comedian end showtime to donate proceeds from the show to a veteran's charity i'm julie walker hi i'm ralph rousseau ap college football writer and host of the ap.

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