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Gary and shannon thursday much stuff still coming up in the one o'clock hour mark saltzman is gonna join us we're gonna do our tech talk about some of the good amazon prime day deals that are coming up early next week how to how to get siri and alexa sorry for those of you who have those devices i just turn them on to understand exactly what you're saying mush mouths oh and then when we get into strange science we will all squirm when we talk about dr pimple popper and the debut episode of michelle sent me a tax last night hey checkout dr pimple popper everyone's talking about it i i went to the channel i lasted twelve seconds maybe she was pulling something out of some guy and i almost loves that show is my daughter and i showed as interested in the medical field right so i show you the picture of when she was at ucla nerd camp and they're talking about health scientists and she she was drilling holes i don't remember what she said relieving pressure on the or something like that of the pig and the neurosurgeon showing her how to do it and she doesn't and i just i i don't know if i would be okay with a table full of dead doctors don't get grossed out by anything and so she's not she will sit there and watch it and when they looks like they're pulling an uncooked chicken breast out of a guys lung i am what else is happening time four what's happening we've been talking about it all morning here on kfi the federal government has reopened its investigation into the murder of emmett till emmett till was the black teenager in mississippi who was killed brutally by two white men because there was a white woman who said that emmett till made a pass at her now those two men were brought up on charges they were acquitted kazaks just how it was back in one thousand nine hundred fifty five but there was a book written a handful of years ago new information in the book and the new information is this the woman who says that emmett till came onto our now admits that she lied now under california law they could get her for second degree murder because she lied which was intentional she realized that there would be natural consequences dangerous to emmett till life by telling her husband that will young black kid hit on her she would know that bad things would happen to emmett till yeah i don't know she knew that he was going to be killed but she knew that he was going to have she's in her eighties now but it'll be interesting it'll be interesting to see what happens yes she's still live with the two guys who did it who are long debt we are going to deep dive into the story coming up tomorrow at ten when we have our true crime super segment we told you yesterday about the story of radolph o rodriguez ninety two year old guy going for daily walk around the block when a woman hits him with a brick of some kind cement brick there were questions about whether there was a a little girl walking with this woman and maybe rodolfo had accidentally bumped into her brushed her and he says no no that's not the case at all she just pushed me down and started attacking me ninety two year old guy with left with blood all over his face and it's going to take some time for him to recover they set up a gofundme page for him they were they had a goal of fifteen thousand dollars they've raised three hundred and ten thousand dollars so far it'll be fine the emmys were announced this morning there are some familiar contenders game of thrones of course back lebanon nations with twenty two but netflix two hundred or non sorry one hundred twelve nominations what i my favorite of course as westworld alexa ed o'neill hand i'm sorry ed harris not at o'neil not not what's his name bundy ed harris and jeffrey wright both got nominated for westworld as did of course evan rachel would you know what it was a blind spot for me jessica biel is nominated for outstanding lead actress i never i did not know she was in something recently and she was in a.

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