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Last night. Pearl Jam hit the stage for the first of its to sold out home shows it's the band's first concerts in their hometowns since two thousand thirteen komo's Patrick Quinn has more after standing in line for hours even. Days for some fame slowly started trickling in to see Pearl Jam rattle the. Walls Safeco field, is really excited Bush. Should we have been able to camp out. Like some of the other. People will be farther back over super happy to be here I counter for. The home crowd and the homeless for down the road. In Burien Step inside the brand new Mary's place emergency shelter with two, hundred nineteen six and this is that those home shows can do literally bring more people Hong bring them out. Of their cars out of those tents up off the. Sidewalk and give them a safe place to be and get them into their forever going. To concert organizers Mary's place. Is one of the thirty to forty non benefiting from the concert

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