Trump Says Moon is Part of Mars



I'm gonna talk very briefly about President Donald Trump. He posted a tweet that said for all of the money, we are spending, NASA should nap be talking about going to the moon. We did that fifty years ago, they should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars of which the moon is a part, defense and science, and I want to break this down for you. I don't like to do political things, so I'm not gonna make this into a political issue. This is just one of those things that our President Donald Trump he tweets in. It's not very coherent. The thought isn't very coherent because his Twitter, you know, like you have X amount of characters that you can type basically what he was saying is. Okay, we've been to we've been to the moon. We should be talking about Mars moving forward with Mars. But keep the moon in the picture. So the moon is a part of us going to Mars. That's it. That's all the tweet means doesn't mean anything more than that I'm actually Jim Breitenstein the, the administrator of NASA said, as police said, NASA is using the moon to send humans to Mars right now Mars. Curiosity Mars insight are on Mars and will soon be joined by the Mars twenty twenty Rover and the Mars helicopter. So Jim Beck set up basically said, okay, we're on Mars. We're doing mar stuff we have to go to the moon in order to get to Mars. This is baby steps. The moon is baby steps to get to

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