Stephen Moore withdraws from Fed consideration

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Now, our main story this morning Stephen Moore yesterday, he withdrew his name for consideration for fed seat. That makes him the second person to officially withdraw after President Trump said that he would prefer to nominate them for a seat on the fed board to get the backstory Charlie Turner spoke with our reporter Paul Kiernan from Washington just a half hour after Paul was speaking with Mr. Moore himself on the phone, President Trump says conservative commentators Stephen Moore has withdrawn from consideration for position on the Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Trump tweeted, the news of Mr. Moore's withdrawal. But didn't say why Mr. Moore changed mind? Let's get details on this from Wall Street Journal reporter, Paul Karen who joins us via Skype from Washington, Paul first of all this came after Mr. Moore, abruptly changed his mind, didn't well, I dunno changed. His mind is the right way to put it. I spoke with Mr. Moore a little while ago half an hour ago, or so, and he actually told me that. He and Lawrence Kudlow, the White House. Economic adviser had basically decided to withdraw him from the fed candidacy last night.

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