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Klobuchar unveils $100 billion substance abuse, mental health plan


Minnesota Senator and presidential candidate Amy klobuchar releasing plan this morning to spend one hundred billion dollars over the next decade to improve mental health and by substance abuse club chart, says her father's own struggles. With alcoholism helped her realize the importance of substance abuse treatment over incarceration for non violent offender. The most surprising question, I get everywhere. In part of it may have been the my own experience during the cavenaugh hearing. I had the opportunity will call it to talk about my dad and how he literally as a. Newspaper man and a columnist and mountaineer climb to the highest mountains, but then sunk to the lowest Bally's because of his problems with alcoholism Clova Chartres says she'd place a two cent per milligram tax on opioids to pay for the plant her father. Of course, they famed Star Tribune columnist Jim

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