2019 Kentucky Derby: Ranking every horse competing by their names


Well, let's go back to the basics of horse racing in the great tradition. Of course, this is the the big gem of the triple crown to this is I mean, there's no bigger race that I know of in the world for people in America than the Kentucky Derby. So when you talk about how does this work. So you have how many horses are in the derby this year. They were at twenty horses into the most exciting to mention sports as you say, and it's one of the most wide open affairs in terms of no heavy favourite as it was last year with justify. Well, a lot of that having to do with Omaha beach being scratched the respiratory issue. Because everyone was believing that this was Omaha beaches race to lose and now Omaha beach is on the sidelines, which is very sad for the owners and the trainers who thought they had it. And and also they had been playing up a lot to World War Two veterans with Omaha beach. In fact, I've still been bringing in World War veterans visit the horse over in the backside of Churchill Downs in Louisville this week. So there was a lot of sentiment there behind Maho beach, but Omaha beaches out so who's the favorite now, actually favorite. The would be considered the number sixteen horse named game winner who is the two old champion west year and is trained by the same train as justify Bob Baffert. And fact, Mr. Bamford has three early. Morning favorites in game winner roadster and improbable all trained by Baffert or three favorites at this time. All right. Who's the long long on? So if you put it something down, you get a bigger payoff because the odds are so long. In the morning line to horses listed at fifty the one one being great magician and the other one being a horse. That's been racing in Japan. Jay name is master sensor. Would be the two longest shots at this time. Now does that play a role in the odds because he's been racing in Japan? And folks here just don't know anything about them. That. And the fact that itself the competition in Japan is not quite as competition that the horses have been racing here in the states. The Mark white. Why would somebody name a horse win win win? I mean is this horse is in the race tomorrow and fast break right next to game winner but win win win. You're just asking for it with that name. I guess it's better than naming lose. Well. Very very valid

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