The Fed was unusually chatty Tuesday


The marketplace number oh, the day this Tuesday is five five members of the Federal Reserve's open market committee. That's the one that gets to decide interest rates. Remember five of them gave public speeches today. And believe me when I tell you for the fed that has a whole lot of talking central bankers have non at least historically been the most say, what's on your mind group of people that has been changing those we've been reporting and as marketplace's Mitchell Hartman tells us today, it has potential upsides and downsides back in nineteen Ninety-six. Then fed chair Alan Greenspan, uttered, the words irrational exuberance in a speech investors thought he was saying stocks were overvalued and the market tanked, probably not what Greenspan intended. But he did want to be opaque, says economist Frederic Mishkin, who served as a fed governor in the mid. Thousands. Michigan says one time after testifying to congress. One of the congress, people said that was very clear and Alan Greenspan, said, well, then it must have been a mistake. But under the next fed chair, Ben Bernanke transparency and frequent communication became guiding principles. That's continued under his successors. If you can get the markets understand how you react to future events that can actually make things monetary policy of warfare, active. A lot of what current chairman Jerome Powell. Communicates says university of Michigan economist, Betsey Stevenson is to reassure us that the feds got. It's all on the ball and on the news. Oh, and they're aware that obviously, the trade issues had the potential to have a big impact, so they're watching it really closely chairman Powell does have to contend with one communications challenge. His predecessors didn't says, dean Baker at the center for economic and policy research, and that's a president who publicly criticizes the fed POWs going to bend over back. Quds to say, we're not gonna listen to the present telling us to lower rates not Baker says, if economic conditions warranted Powell won't hesitate to cut rates and explain exactly why.

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