Automation could make ports more efficient and eco-friendly, but with fewer jobs


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More consumer goods come into the port of Los Angeles than any other US port a plan to use more unmanned, electric vehicles would bring major changes to the port and its surrounding economy, union workers are pushing back hard against automation at a protest this spring, workers held signs. It said robots don't pay taxes, and where will American labor work. But poor donor say that automated technology will cut costs in L A and help California meet its ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases today. The port is noisy and polluted. A massive system of ships cranes and more than one thousand seven hundred trucks passing through a day. Most of them diesel automation could change that picture. Romi Varghese reporter for Bloomberg news tells us what an automated port of Los Angeles could look like it becomes almost silent when you when you see some of these automated vehicles in action under the plan that's being considered for the port of alleged. A for this one terminal, which is called peer for hundred which is the biggest shipping terminal in North America. By the way, der plan is to have this automated. Straddle carried is one big piece of equipment would basically do the job of three machines. How a lot of nation of the port effect the local economy. I, I know for the port of L A the local community is a is a community of L A called San Pedro. And it's a very blue collar community that has really relied on the ports for its economy, and honestly, deports in general are responsible for much of the economic activity in southern California. It's, it's a huge driver of jobs, both indirect, indirect jobs. I talked to a bar owner and about half her patrons are, are longshoremen, and she's worried. Well, if are fewer of them on going to have to cut back my employee hours. I'm not going to be able to hire bands to calm for nights of the week. And defaults who are promoting automation, are saying, look, we need to say, we need to stay competitive, we are losing market, share to east coast and Gulf Coast ports, because they are more nimble, and our ports are in, in the our ports in, in California just more expensive. So you have this micro aspect to this the micro impact, and then the macro impact, you know, your reporting revealed that there are forty four automated or semi automated ports around the world. But there are only five in the US it seems that that slow have we been slower to adopt this technology? American ports have definitely been slower to adopt this technology and a lot has to do with the power of local unions. And in Asia, a lot of these ports are, are newer, so they're using the most up to date technology, but generally American ports have been lagging. Ng in automation because of the concerns of how this affects local jobs, that was Romi Varghese reporter at Bloomberg news. She notes that LA mayor aarc are said he continues to lead talks between the union and the port. And now for some related links the need to go green in LA Israel public radio station KCRW reported that the Los Angeles and Long Beach metropolitan area was ranked the worst in the nation for ozone pollution for the nineteenth time by the American lung association. Some of the causes cars cars cars, and the ports on the automation, tip the Wall Street Journal, had an article about a new study by MacKenzie saying automation will hit both male and female Labor's equally. It's not just men working in manufacturing who are at risk of losing their jobs. But up to one hundred million women losing their jobs globally by twenty thirty primarily in clerical in customer service, gangs. And while both men and women may lose jobs and equal pay stewed automation women will be less likely to have the opportunity to get the training required for new jobs. And finally, we might not actually be. Ready for all of this automation? We're talking about urban planning scholars surveyed hundred twenty cities in America about their preparedness for self driving cars and only a tiny fraction of them have comprehensive plans for autonomous vehicles. One of them Los Angeles. It has an urban mobility in a digital age plan. That includes ideas about dedicated lanes for Altana, Mus cars municipal fleets of robotic buses, and shuttles and vehicle data sharing relationships, so that the city can manage traffic flow. You can read more at city lab dot com. A project of the Atlantic, I'm Amy Choi. And that's marketplace tech. This is a PM. Marketplace keeps you connected to news and information you need on the radio on the web, and on the go. But we need your help so we can keep doing it. And doing more consider becoming a marketplace investor when you donate today. Your gift will go twice as far thanks to a dollar for dollar match from the Condado fund. Give online at marketplace dot org. 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