'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh released from prison 3 years early


Seven. The American captured in Afghanistan with the Taliban after nine eleven he's been released from federal prison in Indiana, ABC's Ryan burrow, reports released come seventeen years into a twenty year sentence for good behavior in two thousand two when he was sentenced. John Walker Lindh told the court he made a mistake joining the. Taliban. But Ellison span the daughter of Mike Spann CIA agent killed in Afghanistan hours after interviewing Walker Lindh thinks he still has extremist beliefs. He is getting released early because of his good behavior in prison. And for my family terrorism does not equal good behavior. Johnny Spann says, Walker Lindh should've warned his son about the uprising the family had been fighting to keep him behind bars did reports he remained radicalized in prison. Don't turn him loose. If there's reports out here that he's not being the model prisoner that, also he is the family pointing to, to government report showing behind bars. Lynn continued to make pro ISIS statements John Walker Lindh now expected to go to northern Virginia, where who live in temporary housing under restrictions. His electric devices will be monitored. He must communicate only in English undergo mental health counseling and his passport has been taken

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