Vatican mulls allowing married priests in remote Amazon region


Times, the Vatican opening the doors to a limited ordination of married men as priests perfect headline gets everybody's attention, right? And then you read in you realize, okay. Well, this is only for a very select number. And if certain geographic region and the Amazon, but then as you refer into the story, there are thoughts and concerns about what could this mean for the rest of the Catholic church, considering, it's so difficult to get men as priests in the first place. Could this be the camel's nose in the tent to make it? So that men who are married become priests and other portions of the world as well. Maybe here in the states with us right now on the disk institute of Pittsburgh Newsline, vici-, David zubec- Bishop book on the KKK radio. Good to have you. Thanks, man. Gino and, and to say Hello to all of your listeners today. Thank you very much. Much for making time force. What do you make of the news coming out of the Vatican that there's this possibility? I put this in crime techs and the. The pope is the Amazon area this coming over in a first Senate. And I think the purpose of the pope go in there to make sure that, you know, the, the, the people is being strengthened and most, especially that folks are going to be able to receive the sacraments. You know what's particular concern here is have an appreciation for the culture in the Amazon. And I think the pope's concern that, you know, an awful lot of people there are not having the opportunity to receive this. It depends now on visiting missionaries who made certain districts of the Amazon, and maybe people only have a chance to be able to receive or good amass, maybe you know, once every three months. That's to study. That's check to see if there might be some other possibilities. And I think that one of the things that import to notice that there are. Are, you know, some married priests in the Catholic church? The eastern churches. Mary clergy is allowed and in the western church, you have examples of people who were Anglican priest you know, in who are accepted into the church is married, precent. Sometimes you have a Protestant minister who became a Catholic was married. And then, you know is allowed to become a priest. So the, the, the major factor here is that this is. Asking to be done in consideration for the capitol for the for the, the, the past care of the people in the Amazon region. Lemme ask you this Sandro Magister Vatican expert at the Italian magazine, less Bresso, said that he was confident that allowed Mary prison. The Amazon would quote open the door for other bishops conferences, all over the world to allow married priests, your thoughts about them. He's jumping the gun to tell you the truth because they see what we're looking at here is that went particular region would a great past one eating a sandwich. So it's not a matter of saying, well, we're gonna do it, but I think he wants to be able to take a look at this. And once again, isn't that one of the home are suppo- Francis that he wants to take a look at the fact that every culture is different. And that the most important concern that, that he has an I do as well to, to make sure that people are receiving this out to strengthen their own faith something else that came up in this document as well is consideration for official ministry for women here. Here's the paragraph. The Vatican document also contains a proposal for an official ministry in quotes for women and the Amazon area, though, it does not specify what type of ministry, the Roman Catholic church is not ordain women. Pope Francis had convened a panel of experts to study the history of women deacons in the early church. But he said in may that the panel's findings were inconclusive. Well, speaking of the early church wasn't there, a time in the early church when priests were able to marry? Should be celebrates. He came in as a as a requirement in the in the tenth century, yes. And so if they're if they're willing to explore what roles women were able to play in the first century church, does it also mean that there's nothing wrong with considering how the church functioned for itself within the first century as well in the early church. She says, well, let's take a look at that studying issue. So for. Gone on record around the whole notion of, of a female deacons. He should study that see if it has any possibilities for the future. It's important to put all that in context. Take a look at the history. That's. What the possibilities are when you talk about ministries to maintain I just wanna make a distinction. Ministries in the church or a date. So that the Akkad is it would be the first Dane ministry that you have a lot of ministries, the women share in, in the in the United States throughout the world that are not ordained. But specifically in the article that we're taking a look at for the Amazonian region, and for the Senate. How can ministries of women in that part of the world being creased, as they are, and lots of other places around the world, including the United States, Bishop David Subic, joining us on the disk institute of Pittsburgh Newsline. One more question. If I could there's also a portion of the story that mentions the proposal addresses a practical problem of supply and demand especially as Protestant. Faiths gain, traction in Brazil, and other parts of the same region under the Scott, if people are being churched, but they're being churched outside of the Catholic church as their competition between the Catholic church and Protestant faiths. I would wanna see competition. But I think sense of cooperation and I see that we have to continue to be working on. This is something that the vetting council Curry's us to do more than fifty years ago is that we have a definite respect for each of the tradition. You know, obviously, I think when we're taking a look at something like the Senate coming up in the questions that the pope is raising. It is, in fact, trying to help build up in the service and the ministries that we offer to people, especially in appreciation of the church, which means so much to all of us, especially the Sacramento of holy

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