Diversity of our doctors benefits our nation

Second Opinion


This is Dr Michael Wilks where they second opinion in the early years of American medicine medical school classes were predominantly white Christian men, slowly schools, accepted more women, and then they further diversified while. Today's medical schools are far more diverse than they had been they still don't come close to reflecting the communities. They serve diversity is crucial to addressing the severe disparities in health care, for example, where I live the life expectancy is nearly fifteen years greater in one community. Then it is in the bordering next community healthcare disparities in the two communities include diabetes, and heart disease and cancer, but also profound differences in educational level, homelessness and substance abuse. When doctors have no connection with underserved communities those communities suffer there. Are places in Los Angeles County with the doctor patient ratio is amongst the highest in the world and then not a plane ride away. But a short city bus trip away, our communities that have doctor patient ratios that are similar to poor developing nations in other continents. This is a problem for Arkham unity when people who are poor or black or uneducated have poor health care than others. We need doctors who understand the health issues in these underserved communities now, certainly healthcare experts from outside of these communities can work to understand, but it is also important that these communities trust and can relate to their healthcare providers. Studies show that health in black communities increase when these communities have black doctors and satisfaction with their healthcare. Also increase. His this week a state medical school in Texas called Texas Tech announced that they would no longer use race to admit medical school applicants it's interesting that the community around Texas Tech is heavily Latino, but Latinos are greatly underrepresented in their medical school across the country. We have made only tiny positive changes in diversity in medical school classes, and if we can't use race, these small strides may disappear. The number of people of color, enrolled, UC medical schools, significantly declined by about one third after an affirmative action ban went into effect in the late nineteen nineties not long ago. The conventional teaching was that applicants with the highest grades or the highest test scores would make the best doctors. Will it turns out that past education is? Portent, but doctoring is so much more than answering a bunch of multiple choice questions correctly. There are lots of experts who claim that we need more doctors in this country. I'm not so sure we need more doctors. But we definitely need different doctors who work in different places with different communities, diversifying our health care workforce is crucial to the health of our nation. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion this season unless notes from KCRW how does it feel to be like a girl plane in instrument as well. How's it feels a man asking civil questions? I mean what? Had I said, no to this invitation from John Fahey, I would have for the rest of my life wondered what I had missed. We thinking about Billy Tipton at very interesting time because I don't know that young people and older people agree on the meaning of trans. I love you for the greatest, Sean. I love that it is an unholy album made with holy methods. All fading. Hey, everyone. I'm just hopper a music journalist and author and your host for season two of loss minutes. Unless notes we look at music's untold stories this season as packed. It's about legacies. How do they hold up? And how do they change over time disco say off the truly means beyond disco? Learn how decades on a song can find new meaning something different than when it was written. You feel like it's objectify women feel on. Yeah. Now, fifty six, and it's freaking embarrassing embarrassing to seventeen years old. You can't just write it off as being so. Here from pioneering women who've been written out of music history. I get there and producer says, no, no, no, no. We're not doing your music. We have a script here. And we want you to do the sound. Plus find out what happens when we apply. Our twenty nineteen politics to nineteen seventy four songs, we didn't think about it as we were all her band out to the point. We just lived the music. The first episode of the season of loss notes arrives April twenty fifth. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.

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