News in Brief 26 June 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations, the drowning of father and his toddler daughter in the Rio Grande is a heartbreaking, and preventable tragedy that countries should do all in their power to prevent happening in the future, the head of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR said on Wednesday, Philippa grandees comments about Oscar Ramirez, and his twenty three month old daughter, Valeria, followed the publication of a photograph showing them lying face down in the shallows of the river, that separates Mexico from the United States. They had come from El Salvador, and according to reports were carried away by strong currents in the fast flowing river on Sunday. In a statement, High Commissioner Grandy said that their deaths represented a failure to address the violence and desperation that pushes people to take dangerous journeys in search of a life of safety and dignity, a lack of safe pathways for migrants forces them to risk their lives. He said before adding that UNHCR has suggested ways that the United States can improve and strength. And processing of asylum seekers including conditions in detention calling once more for an international criminal probe into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, special reporter, and yes, Calamar told members of the global community, the United Nations included that they should do more to protect human rights defenders and dissidents, presenting her report into the Saudi dissident's killing last October. In an stumble, the UN appointed independent rights expert told the Human Rights Council in Geneva, that there was credible evidence, supporting an additional investigation into the ball of high officials in the kingdom, including crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, the evidence gathered by inquiry suggest that the killing of Mr. cash Shoghi constituted, an extra judicial 'execution and enforced disappearance and possibly an act of torture, for which the state of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is responsible. There are numero series as to the sickle stances of Mr. cashew is dead. Breath, but known leads other than to the responsibility of the state highlighting that Mr. castle. Jeez. Premeditated execution reflected, an increasing global phenomenon these special reporter insisted that if the international community ignored this, fundamental rights abuse. It risked threatening all other human rights perogatives in response to her claims. Abdelaziz Alessio Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the UN in Geneva said that she had not acted within the terms of her mandate, and neither Hatschi carried out her work professionally, and finally opioids which include both heroin and legal pain relievers were responsible for around two thirds of drug related deaths in two thousand seventeen and new U N report showed on Wednesday, the number of global opioid users contained within the world drug report. Some five hundred eighty five thousand people is more than double the previous estimate the study from the UN office on drugs and crime or unco DC also shows. Is that the negative health consequences associated with drugs? I'm more severe and widespread than previously thought with around thirty five million people. Suffering from drug use disorders and requiring treatment services of eleven million people who injected drugs in two thousand seventeen one point four million live with HIV and five point six million have hepatitis C. The overall figure for drug use in two thousand seventeen is an estimated two hundred seventy one million people. That's thirty percent higher than in two thousand and nine. This is partly attributed to a ten percent increase in the global population age fifteen to sixty four but also increased opioid use in Africa Asia Europe and North America as well as high cannabis consumption in north and South America and Asia, the manufacturer of cocaine reached an all time high in two thousand seventeen with an estimated production of two thousand tonnes in two thousand seventeen up by a quarter on the previous year at the same time. Seizures of cocaine rose thirty percent to one. Thousand two hundred seventy five tonnes another record figure. Daniel Johnson, U N news.

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