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Charges dropped against 8 involved in Flint water crisis



From the Flint, Michigan water crisis are being dropped, but Michigan public radio, Shane of Roth reports that the state's new administration says its investigation of the crisis is being expanded the pending cases against eight state and Flint officials will be dismissed that includes cases against former chief medical executive, Dr Eden, wells an extra rector of the department of health and human services, Nick Lyon line was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but the charges could be refiled sin. New attorney general Dana Nessel took office. She's handed the investigation over to a special Flint, water prosecution team that team says it has concerns about the investigative approach and legal theories used by the prior administration. So they say they're executing new search warrants and reviewing millions of documents. In a statement attorney general Dana Nessel said she agreed with the move and quote Justice. Delayed is not always Justice denied for NPR news. I'm Shane a Roth in Lansing, Michigan. Own stock markets in Asia

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