Single sign-on can solve password crisis

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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Create and publish a stunning website. All from one powerful platform. Go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's w I x dot com in stay tuned, after the show to hear you can take advantage of special offer for talking tech listeners, tell me that this doesn't sound like a wonderful dream, the experience, that we know is password hell could be radically changed for the better within the next year and a half to three years. Sounds pretty cool. Right. What if it came true? Are you struggling to come up with long strings of complex capital, and lower case letters, numbers, and simples? Well, there's a theory that says that so yesterday that's the hope anyway. I'm Jefferson Graham with USA today. You're listening to talking tech in fascinating interview with Google product manager, Mark Risher in the verge this week, he laid out his vision for why those passwords. We've been told create don't actually. Help. He's said to have no bearing on fishing, no bearing on password breaches, no bearing on password, re-use. We think this is Google that it's more important to reduce the total number of passwords out there. Well, gosh, I agree. Don't you cook? He has an other words, all that time you've been forced to spend trying to create tougher to crack. Passwords is a waste at that, at least that's the way he appears to see it. I know that talking tech listeners agree with me that anything we could do to eliminate the concent- typing passwords during our daily days would be most welcome. But how are we going to get their Google? Solution is the single sign on feature, which still requires a password, and has Google authenticate, your identity for a second layer of authority, the text messages or via the Google smartphone app. Apple just introduced its answer to Google sign in with an alternative that will be introduced to the. Iphone and ipad in the fall as part of the thirteenth software upgrade now Google has an eighty percent market share for the Android phone system to twenty percent for apple and between the two of them, according to Bob Brutus, who is a chief data scientist for security firm. Rapid seven well, that's pretty much of everyone. So he believes so he believes that all of us will be using these systems by default over the next eighteen to thirty six months, of course. Facebook, and Google been at it for a long time. A lot of people don't trust signing on Facebook because the, you want your data with Facebook, once you've signed into a website who knows what they're doing with it. Apple is all about privacy and saying that they're not going to do anything with your data. And also, I'd like this new system because it's going to use face ID and touch ID biometrics to bypass the password clicks, the snag here though, is I think it's going to take apple. Years before you have a lot of merchants signing up for this program, you'll have app developers, but target Home Depot WalMart, getting their websites to even agree to put this on is going to take a like I said, it's gonna take years, but it's worth dreaming about I love the idea, and I like the system from Google that when you try to sign on, on the computer it sends you to the g mail app and has you type in a digit that you see on the web instead of typing in your password. Anything we can do to ditch these passwords. I'm all for what about you listeners, any ideas at love to hear from you. What for me on Twitter, where I'm at Jefferson Graham. You've been listening to talking tech, please. Subscribe it a show wherever you listen to online audio and I'll be back tomorrow with another quick. It from the world attack. Sometimes having a great idea is the easy, part getting people to hear about your idea. Not always so simple. But now there's wicks at wicks dot com. You can start and publish your website for free wicks as artifice design intelligence, creates a stunning website for you in just a few minutes. You can choose from over five hundred stunning templates, or start from scratch just answer, a few questions about your business to get started wicks provides you with an all in one business solution to grow your online presence, plus all sites include Bilton SEO tools, so you can easily get found online, and in search engines, like Google, and Bing, build a website of your very own with wicks today. And if you go to Whigs dot com and use our code talking, you'll get ten percent off any premium plan with wicks premium plans. You'll get more storage a free domain for a year and much more. That's wicks w I x dot com promo code talking for ten percent off your premium plan.

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