Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan: Let's try scooters, but let's do it right


News center city of Seattle will finally give scooter share a chance if he scooter vendors can solve safety and liability issues. Get the update live from komo's Corwin Hake. In cities that have embraced scooter share problems, abound. The literally electric two-wheelers tend to block sidewalks making life difficult for those with mobility challenges and doctors point out there pretty darned unsafe at interests can be severe, and that's a potential with these scooters because they're just not docked anywheres. They're just left scattered around the city. There is no helmet. That's being associated with them physician. Dr Frederick Rivera, but Seattle mayor Jenny durken knows all too. Well, the transportation challenges our city faces in an op Ed for geekwire. She says she's willing to launch a scooter share pilot program here one condition. She says vendors must agree to accent liability for injuries, something they have refused to do in other cities, a six scooter share trial run could begin this

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