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It's time to celebrate the person who brought you into this world. Many people don't know how mothers day came to be suffered gist and writer. Julia ward how I suggested the idea of mother's day in the US in eighteen seventy two how was the pacifist? And saw the holiday as a chance to unite women and rally for peace for many years. She held an annual mother's day meeting in Boston West Virginia activist Emma, Jarvis is credited with creating the holiday in nineteen eight Jarvis campaign for a national observance of the Holiday Inn honor. Of her mother who was a community health advocate. Her mother had organized several mother's day work clubs that addressed child rearing and public health issues later said she was disillusioned by the floral and greedy card companies capitalized on the holiday. She said she regretted starting it. It became an official US holiday in nineteen fourteen. When president Woodrow Wilson, proclaimed the second Sunday in may as the day to celebrate our mothers, I people wrote letters to their mothers later cards presence and flowers were incorporated into the tradition. This year mother's day spending estimated to total twenty five billion dollars. According to the national retail federation, at least three Hollywood production companies have said, they're not going to shoot films in Georgia because of a new law.

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