President Trump, United States And China discussed on Killer Innovations


USA radio news with Rick Vincent. Now, the President Trump has increased tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States from ten to twenty five percent. White House economic adviser. Larry cudlow tells Fox News Sunday expects the same. We'll be done with US imports to China. Don't think the Chinese have come far enough. We'll wait and see the talks will continue, and I will say this g twenty meeting in Japan toward the end of June next month the chances that President Trump in president. She will get together at that meeting are probably pretty good KENDALL says they could learn more about China's intentions later today or tomorrow Democrats are denouncing a plan by Rudy Giuliani to push Ukraine to open investigations into former vice president Joe Biden's past dealings in that country. Speaking to ABC's this week house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff, called a political move. There's never been any evidence that he was doing anything, but trying to get the Ukraine government to crack down on corruption. You're listening to USA radio news. This report is brought to you by Bank of America. US entrepreneurs continue to project a strong business outlook despite. Slight.

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