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Because like if you get offended by things that people say like on on that show or like whatever like oh this is discussing you completely write it off like i i would hate to be that person like i wanna learn about it knowledge ing like i'll never be like okay like i understand i understand to the point where let a guy photo open my no i think it's fucking gross yeah do i understand why you like it yeah i do i get it did did i don't like it you like yeah so i could say it's fucking gross but i also can say i know i sound like so no i don't even like dark chocolate people like dark chocolate i don't like it i can't understand why people like i don't like the same thing with fox for it's gonna ask you one thing about the border without giving too much away sure who's a female or male shorting on august is anti gay man so it was a is is is is getting harder all right that's cool yeah room garden is what they call no no that's a gardening gardening yes they called gardening like you know what somebody somebody described twinkle in the indie a yeah in the comments yeah it's like a young man in his twenties thirties there's a lot of gay lingo out there oh there's times galen dude all god i gotta show you this thing so i think i think but you do technically fall under the i'm telling you fall under the twin tire 'cause i i saw someone tried to tell me i wasn't saying i'm like fuck you do so if we cover lot today yeah yeah and were were like a little over an hour here so i i i gotta get let's

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