US proposes $4 billion in potential additional tariffs over EU aircraft subsidies


Percent this talk about Abbas's well over the U. S. proposing adding for terrorists to four billion dollars if you goods over this at best Boeing disputed we see any reaction the fez I just enough read the stock is down about zero point six percent it's quite interesting because actually this expanded list of goods that may be targeted with the US tariffs does not really directly affect our bus it's mostly food you know like cherries meat and pasta but it's definitely a reminder that there are still trade tensions between the EU and the US despite kind of the positive signals we saw out of G. twenty and so is definitely reminder that we could see more tensions coming up okay you also looking at mine is this morning final I know it's it's yesterday and today taking out a hundred and twenty dollars a ton right I am or has not you know the fresh five year high after supply disruptions in Brazil as well as a Strela of course gold is also rising today and we see that the basic resources sector in Europe is the best performing sector today kind of led by you to Rio Tinto Glencore in

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