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Photographs of father and daughter drowned in the Rio Grande have rocked the US and could have a critical impact here in Washington DC, the guardian reports that Oscar Albert Martinez Ramirez, brought his twenty three month old daughter Lyria to the US side of the river before jumping back in to get her mother. The toddler jumped in after him, he turned to rescue her and both were swept away by the current Laura. Horrifying and tragic things like this, unfortunately happen regularly to migrants. Why is this moment resonating as much as it is because it was captured in a photograph, and it was also, it's also because it comes at a time when there's a lot of scrutiny on the detention centres for migrants. The one in, in Clint Texas has received heightened scrutiny because of the lack of standards for the migrants there when the Democrats were down in Florida in a lot of them have gone to the homestead detention facility, which is a for profit facility that houses migrant children and Warren, when she visited the day before her debate she said that when she was able to peek over since none of them have been allowed in, even though they requested to toward the facilities. She said that, quote, it looked like you know, the children were little soldiers being marched, you know, across between facility between. Buildings. So this has been getting a lot of attention in the debate I just wanna point out that the first night, holy Castro really shifted the field by bringing up thirteen twenty-five law, which is he supports the decriminalization of border crossings for migrants, so treating it as a civil as opposed to a criminal offense. And a lot of candidates have now come out in support of that he was the first to do that he called on all them to do that warrant supports it. The second night, I think seven out of eight candidates on stage said that they support that as well. So he's been affective pushing his fellow democratic contenders. Let's hear that clip of tape that you referenced it was an exchange between Hooghly on Castro and former Representative Beto work on the immigration plan, be very clear, the reason that they're separating these little children from their families. Is that they're using section thirteen twenty five of that act which criminalizes coming across the border to incarcerate the, the parents, and then separate them? Some of us on this stage have called to end that section to terminate it some congressman or Rourke have not. And I want to challenge all of the candidates. Do that. I just think it's a mistake. I think it's a mistake, and I think that, that if you truly want to change the system that we got a repeal that section if not, thank you. Then it might as well say, Cheryl that seem to as lower mentioned impact candidates answers on last night's debate stage. Many said undocumented immigrants with no criminal record should not be deported. And all ten onstage said they supported public health care for the same group. So how will some of these positions that they've laid out on immigration? Do you think shape the race moving forward? Well, I think if on custom accomplishes, nothing in this race, he has accomplished, putting this issue on the table for Democrats to discuss. And he has basically set the benchmark for what will be the democratic position, which is that we should not criminalise crossings across the border that they should be treated as civil matters. So going forward, I think we will see Democrats embracing that position increasing. Early. But I also think, as at mentioned a lot of these positions are going to make great clips for Donald Trump when he runs for

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