Scott Pelley Says He 'Lost' Job at CBS Evening News After Complaining About 'Hostile' Environment


Scott Pelley, is making news by telling CNN that he got fired his anchor the CBS evening news for speaking out about the news room environment of the time, CBS news correspondent Pat piper. Scott Pelley, the former anchor of the CBS evening news. Told CNN over the weekend that he was fired for complaining about a hostile work environment for five years ago. I went to the president of the news, division, and explain to him that this hostile working environment. Couldn't go on for women and men and he told me if I kept agitating about that, internally, then I'd lose my job. Pelly says he then went to that person's boss. And when getting nowhere, he then went to then, head of CBS corporation, less moon vase, who listen to me, very concerned for an hour asked me, some penetrating questions about what was going on. I didn't hear back from him. But in the next opportunity in my contract, I was let go from the evening news. Moonves has since been fired over sex assault allegations, when Pelly was fired, Jeff glor- too cold of the evening news. He has since been taken off the broadcast said to be held by Norah O'Donnell, mid

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