Is Anchor bypassing Apple Podcasts' approval process?



Owned podcast host anchor is seemingly, bypassing the apple podcasts approval process, and this, that's their users post tests, and even illegal copyright material. Unchecked to apple podcasts and others. We've discovered you'll find a link to our report in our episode notes, and our newsletter today in other news NPR and Edison research have revealed. They're smart audio reports two thousand nineteen the data suggests that twenty one percent of American adults. That's fifty three million people own a smart speaker podcasts. Don't appear in the report, though, forty two percent claim to use their speaker at least once a week to listen to the news, there are now over seven hundred six thousand podcasts, according to blueberry, well, how many are still in production only about eighteen percent according to an article by amplify media heartache. This figures described as sobering in the article, but you might want to compare the figure with broadcast televisions in tarsha Jewell, where significantly less than eighteen percent of shows being broadcast still in production or a typical library, where many books being borrowed were released a long time ago, millennial podcast listeners outspent non listeners by up to one hundred seventy nine percent. That's according to a new report called a listeners about the power of UK podcasting from podcast strategists for DC cosmopolitan is launching its first branded podcast with Tinder, footballer broadcaster. Robber. And kidnapper OJ Simpson may be preparing a podcast, according to a show biz site advertising executives at Pandora are interviewed on video for variety. You should never put a radio ad on Pandora. They say Castro's Patrick, how is leaving the company after nine years of working on the well, reviewed Iowa. Podcast app. He's current role is being advertised along with others in the UK podcast measurement has challenges says digital in an article here, you know that feature and overcast that skips past silences in podcasts so far. It saved all of humanity a little over one thousand eight hundred ninety eight years, and that's before any savings from playing podcast. It increased speed to take into account that data from its developer. Marco Arment podcast player FM has given their IRS Eappen updates if you're publishing with lips into linked in you needs to reauthenticate t tales in our episode notes, and our newsletter today, along with some advice around Email marketing basics, should, you join podcast network, and how to persevere when podcasting gets tough. We have updated our podcast app user agents list to use data from a new open repository that you can help build. You'll find more details in our show. Notes and our newsletter. Finally, pull Spain was on the AM show in New Zealand the other day on three TV and magic talk radio talking about podcasting. We liked this bit, you'll favorite podcasts at the moment. I who pod news as one that I listened to most most days, that's more for people that are involved in an podcasting industry. Lock. I am what a bright man

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