Officiating becomes focus of Warriors-Rockets Game 1


Outlets off the heart at the foul line. The control. There. A wild sequence a very apoplectic Mike Tony screaming towards the official. James harden is so difficult to officiate. He's initiating contact. And there was a lot of contact right there. Calls early or no calls for James harden. And of course, the one down the stretch that the NBA said was the correct call warriors would pull out a four point win the series opener rockets, not happy at all with how it came down. But coach Mike dantonio he's moving on yesterday. I shouldn't buddies you guys had a great pity party, and you know, by myself, and then nobody showed up. Walled? So now, you know what? Whether we wanna laws we're gonna bring game Tuesday. And then when when we we're gonna win Saturday, and this is the mentality gotta have and that's part of the game. And I've been all over the points. So it's over I felt sorry for myself. Nobody really helped me out I got throat, and I'll be fine you'll be fine. And you know, what is big game on Tuesday. Mike, Dan, Tony might be moving on Lisi's says he's moving on. But he's those -ation announcing Monday the refs were correct in their pair of no calls in the final seconds. That's at the NBA did say the officials made three crucial. Incorrect calls in the final minute ten of the game, including two would have resulted in Steph curry fouling out. Hurry, those state in the game and wound up making a key three pointer with twenty four seconds to go rockets would like to have had game. What officiated a little bit differently? They were certainly vocal about it. And it's not just game one. They're piping up about the rockets went back and audited game seven from last year's Western Conference finals and into report they sent to the NBA they say, they're Eighty-one. Incorrect calls or no calls. Houston said that deprived them of a spot in the NBA finals. Rockettes may have the New Orleans Saints online to here. Was more. Here's our crew on the jump. The rackets took the league's forty eight minute version of its last two minute report for games they played against Golden State analyze the missed calls that the league Ida fi. But then assign their own point values to what they feel what have fairly come out of those incidents if they were called. So how did the NBA feel about this executive vice president Mike bass told me that quotes as we tell the rackets agree with their methodology? And indeed is that can I looked at it a lot of it is subjective. But regardless it is now also part of the story, which is not what anyone wants during a series that should be its own fireball for the past ball going on on the court. Not for everyone's opinion on the folks in the stripe shirts. Standing nearby. Scotty that is a lot of stuff going on in less than twenty four hours. But it's now all part of this conversation. Do you think the rackets deserve more calls that that would have changed game one? I mean based on what I saw from the rockets into regular-season based on what I've seen James harden. Get into regular season the call. He gets. Yes, he did calls anytime you make contact with a guy when he's still in the air. That's automatically call. I don't care if students at him you have to give him room to come down. You see guys basket all the time shooting. Rauner shooting floaters day get a foul on that contact and they're floating. So it's the same situation would have jumped shooter in in some senses that guys he's fallen boiling. You're not allowed to make contact with the rules of changed a little bit. And I think the way harden launches himself forward because if you watch some of these specially that call at the end of the game, he launches himself. Scotty, I don't know. How many I don't know how much for? But his legs go a bit for they didn't change from. Regular season to the playoffs because he's getting these calls about three weeks ago. Right. But I don't think he should've gotten that calming. According to radio he getting some of them last week. Right. I do think the call your on the league reviewed it. And they said dream on did not fail, and you can't make your landing area as you know, half the court, right? You can't kick your legs out to such a degree that it just becomes everything. And it's to frustration of what they were going skiing. You can try to dodge it, but if you make contact it's a foul, and I felt like the warriors game plan was great because they almost turned their face. They turned their back. They didn't really buy into the file allow the Fisher just automatically call it. And I think that was a big difference maker then them making that call in not making it the Houston Rockets were expecting that very game plan because they have compiled data from every position. Absolutely. Of course. And so they you know, James Harden's game. Let the league in free-throw temps. He needs to get to the line. If you make some shots or Mississippi is gonna go to the line. That's always the case. So if you're Houston, you're going to lay out all these two ticks, and you saw them I did not you're telling me, and I believe you Zach that they're their subjective. Of course, they are. Of course, they are. But I just think it's a shame that this series is going to be focused on

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