Gurriel, Cole help Astros to 5-1 win over Pirates


Everyone the pirates couldn't be garrett cole loss to the astros five to one in houston cole gave up a bunch of base runners seven hits two walks but only one of them scored as he got to bounce out to a scape a basis loaded jim in the sixth inning for trevor williams he wasn't awful but he was hurt by home runs yuli gurriel with a two run homer in the fourth inning and then alex bregman with a solo shot in the six william says the girl home run was that just one of those things i was those most impressive was keeping fair as soon as it i thought it was going to be fair but he kept it fair and you know it was it was a big homer for them at that point the game bregman baaz one of those i wish i could have got back in you know it was it wasn't a dagger that that they had but it was into my job is to shut down darrow agra saul who is okay and his major league debut eleven days ago gets another shot tonight against astros left-hander framer vow dez at eight

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