Koepka keeps 7-shot lead at PGA Championship


App to golf round three of the PGA championship defending champ Brooks kept shattered records over the first two rounds fire gate, that page black course-record, sixty three in the first round followed it up with a five under sixty five in the second round KEPCO was more human though, in the third row with it even poor seventy but he's still has large lead heading into Sunday's final round Brooks kept at twelve under seven shadow lead at four other golfers including Dustin Johnson, Kemp K heading into the final round with the largest fifty four will lead in PJ championship history, doesn't really matter. I'm just trying to play golf if I can get off to a good start tomorrow. These first six holes are very score will, and I feel like if you can you can get one or two hundred after after six here you're gonna get spot. That's all. All I need to do tomorrow, and then, from there from seven to twelve just try to hang on and make as many as you can't other golfers are at pressed with Brooks kept gives play including Zander Shafi, who had three under trills KEPCO by nine shots. He's doing what he said he'd do. He's, he's talk some in the media room and he's backed every every word of it up. So as a competitor, I have the most respect for it, and I think is awesome. So some trash talking for Brooks CAPCO who thinks he will repeat as the winner of the PGA championship. I feel I feel confident I feel good. I feel. Excited started. So can anyone catch Brooks? Kepco ESPN golf analyst. Michael Collins, everything is

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