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Of fact, here to give us a read on the torn amend his point. And specifically going deciding round is the best golf analyst, I know you've been watching the golf channel in the mornings to get ready for the day, even catching remote thing down there. And he joins us now on the golf channel and his syndicated show life. Matt Adams AMA. I'm doing well. How you doing? Good. Appreciate you coming on before we get into the specifics year round number four, I need your take on how the US G A prepped plan prepared Pebble Beach this week today. Get it right to get it wrong deduction train hedge. Their bet what your read on what the course, has been put I three days at US open my readers. They got it right. Which was the first option that you gave me, but it also came from hedging bats because hard is heavily beaches Pebble Beach is only so much that you can do to eight c side. Of course, it's hard to screw it up the way you can, of course, say inland. So the US did a good job of not over engineering, not overdoing the golf course. But the easiest course it set out for US open his. Probably Pebble Beach. So it's kind of a combination of things they did do graduated raw that, we're a couple of fairways players were complaining early in the week, and they and they graduated and a little bit more. So they're being reactive to being sensitive back that they've had stumbles over the past few years. This year twenty nineteen everybody seems to be saying, I happen to agree that set up this US open a okay. Not everybody says that because yours truly disgrace, and I'll give degree. I tell you wouldn't number US open is this. Hundred nineteen hundred nineteen. All right. Mr. golf expert, how many times in the hundred nineteen years of the US, open have, we had a player shoot double digits under par. Well, the last has happened multiple times we've had multiple rows, and it ended in sixteen par including one Tiger Woods, including Bros, CAPCO. So it it's happening what you're referring to not to take away from your answer. But what you're referring to the fact that the US open as compared to the other three major championships. If you took the other three, right? EGA the masters, the open, vastly different setups, vastly different golf courses over the last fifteen years. Those three majors believe they're not gonna blow you way with this stat. They all come in between ten and eleven hundred par for all the variances. They all come in between. Let's stroke apart over the course of fifteen years. The US open is the one glaring difference coming in just over three hundred par now for the national championship. United states. I have no problem whatsoever. If it is the most difficult stern test of Gaul you can possibly have where the problem lies is when a golf courses over engineer, you are no longer identifying the best all around the golf course you're identifying the golf and that's not in most stricken by approval twist of fake where they would take collars rough like they did it. Okay. Fine. And put him in places that the architect never designed to be because they're trying to protect the score against standard of eve. Even par which went out of the best players in the world years ago. So that, that's where I'm probably from his sane right now at the end of this week, you're going to know who is best player was this week in prior US open when it was over engineered you never really one hundred percent. Sure. Okay. I will again, go back to the number that I quoted only nine times in the hundred nineteen year history of those nine seven came two years ago in two thousand seventeen where seven guys went under par kept go on at sixteen. Decky shot twelve Brian Harman shot twelve Pleat was eleven chop was ten Haas was ten fallow with ten only two other times, Rory mcilroy at congressional shot, minus sixteen tiger at Pebble Beach, minus twelve now nineteen years ago that, that did the yet, one year you had seven out of nine and in the other hundred eighteen times you had two guys go under ten. I think they're getting pre today. I think you're gonna see three guys who double digits under par by the end of the day, that tells me on sorry the court too easy. No, no, no. What it's telling you is that for last twenty years, there set up. Have been wrong. The US will admit this at shit o'clock. Last year we let it go too

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