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That. Couple Warner Brothers has confirmed that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman in the next, Batman franchise robber, Pat, Patterson giving light. Yes. Twilight fame, so you guys like that. I mean. No. I do we just is this, the thing where you just once the Batman franchise ends. You just pick it up with a new Batman and you go from there again readings like they're doing. Not even that it's just okay. We're going to redo the story now. And give you a new Batman. He just doesn't fit the Bruce, Wayne Batman like no stereotype. You know what I mean? Like I wanna see, like what's his name? He just did the no did it. But I'm saying new new guy. He just did. He just did pardon my take with big cat. It was in the van with and we were talking about Sean McVeigh. No, no. I know the I know the good looking guy. Yeah. The good looking guy Stephen Shammy, Steve Shammy. That's steve. Can you name the love can you name the actors joins company? It was about man. Michael keaton. Abed pledges then Aflac was Batman, Bill? Kilmer Val Kilmer was Batman. Yes. And the one. That's pretty much most of the modern ones. Yeah. Christian bale was awesome the night series. No doubt I absolutely love love, but you have to admit even though that was that was that, that three Zaka front. Thank you. Danny Lynch, fine, who Shemi still would be

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