Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury in 2020 Rematch Fight


And Tyson fury could have a potential rematch. Now, Deontay wilder is having a rematch with Lewis King Kong or TS here in September. Mike, you're the big boxing aficionado. I, I was stunned that Deontay wilder did what he did to Luis Ortiz. Well, I think is a very good boxer. So I like the fact that those are fighting again, but are you interested in wilder fury rematch, which I thought was a very close. I definitely am interested because I also gre- that it was a close fight. And I think it's, it's watchable you like it has you intrigued because it was. Closed. So let me ask you a question. What happened with Anthony Joshua? Who is he? He's fighting some no name guy like what happened there, man. I'm trying to see I believed that his opponent was hurt in, then this guy is a standing standing, and it's pretty much literally a standing guy any Joshua's, the Steve Gutenberg of boxing. It's like why did he become Tom Hanks? Like he could've right. He's right there. He could have been a huge movie star, and he did it who's ever managing Anthony, Joshua's careers during the horrible job, get them out there to be a huge star this while they're you spend two seconds or that dude's a super slow, he's trying to Anthony, Josh is making a lot of money, just in England, a lot of money in the police academy movies, but he's become a star even notice fight is a dud. But this is I fight in the US in New York. So he's trying. I'm with I'm with you, though. Deontay wilder is entertaining and must see television. So sign me up for whatever that dude does.

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