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Abusive, and it doesn't do anything. Women will have abortions at regardless. They always have they will just have them unsafely and women will die, and just so we're clear, the mostly male lawmakers who were behind this. Don't give a shit about those fetuses. They would let their mistresses and daughters get an abortion in a second. Some of them already have been busted for this. It's never been about this. It's always been about controlling women their bodies taking away the rights and furthering the cycle of poverty. And I hope everybody realizes that the mostly men that make these laws have done nothing to stop kids from getting murdered at school. These are the same people that supported kids being ripped away from their mothers at the border, some of these kids have died in custody, and the rest will be damaged the rest of their life. They don't care when an unarmed black teenager gets killed by a cop. I could go on and on and on. They don't care look at these states that have doing this. Look at their child, poverty rate child hunger foster care systems, education. They don't care. All they claim to care about our fetuses. And lastly all the things that actually decrease the abortion rate like sex education and accessible, birth control, and all these things. They don't support any of that, either. Like they really don't. It's so hypocritical. And on that note, if you are antiabortion, and you identify is pro-life, then, you probably know that abortion is an all time, low, I hope that, you would know that which is great news. And if this is the platform that you stand for crusading for the unborn than you should be supporting sex education, accessible, birth control, and all the things that do lower the abortion rate because it is lower than ever. And I just hope that you guys remember nothing has ever been done to control the man's body. Nothing. If men could have procedures to abort babies, there'd be a clinic on every corner. Click like every fucking gas station. Like you get him at the seven eleven you could fuck and post mate, and abortion of it was for guy like it's an attack on women, plain, and simple, which I just think or I hope should enrage. All of you and to everybody who reached out to is shared your abortion stories with us. Shared your stories about what you've been through and why you did things like that. Thank you so much. I feel like really choked up talking about it. I all

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