Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic overwhelm the Trail Blazers

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Tuesday night that nuggets completely pummeled the blazers at home in Denver one twenty four and ninety eight of the big story coming out of that game was Paul Millsap after a pretty tepid series against the Spurs Millsap has been absolutely beast. Ing the blazers he's dominating, man. But he's pretty much scoring a will. Yeah. And I think a lot of it is just like he means so much to that defense that like is basically honed by a bunch of dudes who are younger than twenty six. They're all they're all born after the ninety s. Millsap is the only player born in the eighties on that team. It's really wild. He he's been a real strong stabilizing force for them. I think for the most part it's because Millsap has been on a me new has been on guys who haven't really who don't really possess a lot of you know, playmaking prowess on their own. So he's been able to kind of quarterback from the back line, and it's made a huge difference. I mean that's been the story for Denver is like they're really exposing. Which I mean, we knew it was gonna happen eventually, but Amini one heartless they're just not guarding those guys. They're playing off them. It's letting them hide Yokich yet Millsaps kind of in the middle quarterback in the whole team. You look at like I feel like I look at these two teams. I look at one team has spent the money on Paul Millsap when they had creating space and wants to put them line. Evan turner. And it's like one move like that as such an impact like when you're paying thirty dollars per event. Erin, you've got to have the right veteran it, of course, like it isn't fair to Portland because I don't think most was free that summer, right? No. There's so much luck that goes into it so much chance that goes in the team building. But it's made all the difference in the world. Yeah. The other thing too. I remember size of the I did a big store in Yokich at training him. I remember talking to Millsap about it. And to see him talking about how he recognized that Yokich was so talented, how encouraged Yokich to take up Ford Nicotrol the team how I took a step back and sort of focusing on defense to complement this young star. And this is right. When the whole like Jane bar thing happened in Minnesota. And I was like man, this is what like a great veteran. Does right. Like, I had the ability to change my game to encourage younger players to empower them. I feel like a Millsap to me like what he's done on. And off the court. It's just been really it's a really cool too cool to see a guy like recognize his limitations and kind of make his team better 'cause he could've easily pull Jimmy Butler feed one to and been like, I'm Paul Millsap. I'm making three dollars a year. This is my team complement me. And like you're saying we can do it and get the ball on his hands. He can allot, but he's like chose and take a step back. And now when his time. He can pop in. And I haven't go to conference final Jimmy's out here. You know, fight when players all the time. I mean, it's really amazing that like him and Al Horford or just kind of cut from the same cloth. They shared the front court for so many years and in Atlanta, Atlanta's just like, I can't believe those two players coexisted at the same time. And I can't believe the hawks couldn't do much with that. I mean, they just got burning into LeBron. That was that was always there thing. It was really it was a fun team. It was like a hipsters paradise team, man. And then they may Jeff Teagle a lot of money they make calc over a lot of money. I mean, they made the Mari Carol out of money. Look back on a now like Teague. Caroline, Korver such limited players, but in Atlanta, played with Millsap and Horford, they looked freaking awesome. That one year. They're all stars.

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