Kyrie Irving's Free-Agency Countdown Officially Begins Now


Is what happens with Kyrie Irving because Kyrie Irving is now in a situation where he's going to become a free agent at the end of the season. And he's head is worse stretch of playoff basketball in his career over the last three games. The guy has literally missed forty three shots in three games. Forty three shots Janta Toco is averaging nearly thirty one points per game in this series. And Kyrie Irving is averaging twenty one and you're saying, well, yeah. Yeah. This is the better player, but Kyrie Irving is supposed to be the alpha male the Celtics team he's supposed to be the star. And he's averaging ten less points per game than the guy on the other side is and after the game when he's asked about he's shooting struggles, he said who cares? That's what kyri ever said. Who cares? We'll tell you. Everybody cares. Right everybody. That's rooting for the Boston Celtics. Everybody on your team cares. Because if you don't perform at a high level they have no opportunity to win the game. He said after he shot eight for twenty two from the field on Friday night that he didn't expect another eight for twenty two performance. He followed that up on Monday with a seven of twenty two performance after game three he called himself, a basketball genius a basketball genius. That just so happened to miss how many shots v. Fifteen in the last game. He played them. But Cairo is telling us all that. He is a basketball genius. And for all the things that have happened this year with Kyrie Irving and the Celtics organization he's called out his teammates multiple times. He said the young guys aren't ready to win a championship yet. And to that I would say kyri you're not exactly ready to championship as the alpha dog yet. You could do it when you're playing side kicked. Lebron James, right? It's like those motorcycles with little sidecars. Kyrie was in the sidecar. You can do it as the guy in the sidecar. But you can't do it as the guy actually driving the motorcycle, right? Yeah. I'm able to prove that you haven't done that yet. So kyri you have not proven. You can win a championship yet as the main guy. Okay. So all the rumors all season long were about New York because kyri Irving originally said that he wants to stay with the Boston Celtics as long as the organization would have him. He did a commercial with his father where he said, I want my jersey retired in the rafters here in Boston. Right. So he said all that stuff. And then when he plays the game at Madison. Square garden. He says asked me about my free agency on July first, he also referred to the New York Knicks as a great organization, he's the first person ever to refer to the Knicks as a great organization, they have one of the worst odors and professional sports in James Dolan. But it appears that Kyrie Irving could be interested in going to the Knicks, and they are the favourite to land Kyrie Irving in free agency. So say, hypothetically, he decides to go if he follows Kevin Durant again, it would be something that is a masculine for Kyrie Irving because their whole reason he wanted out of Cleveland is he wanted his own team. Right. And he basically got the best situation to get his own team. He had to number three picks, Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum. He had out Horford. Who's a great player? The guy's a great defender. Great shooter does everything for you. Great passer at the big man position. So you had a great roster around you, and you were unable to take advantage of that as the guy. So maybe Cairo Irving is learning. What were you all are finding? Out is Kyrie Irving just isn't a main guy. And if he does go to New York, and he does go there to play with his good, buddy. Kevin durant? What would that be saying? He would actually be admitting. What we've all been asking about. Kyrie Irving is can you actually carry a team because if you go there to play with Kevin Durant? Sorry kyri. Kevin durant? The best player on the team. That's pretty damn obvious. So you'd be going there to be Kevin Durant sidekick you'd be getting back in that little small seat in the motorcycle alongside Kevin Durant. Just like you were doing with the Brian James. So you'd actually be admitting that you were wrong about yourself. You were wrong that you could carry a team to a high level to an NBA championship caliber level. You'd actually be admitting that but moving forward with this thing say hypothetically that they get Kevin Durant and Kyrie goes to play with his friend because he can't carry his own team. He goes there. Then the question becomes if the Knicks are able to win the draft lottery. Would they be willing to go all in and make another big move? Because what the Knicks could do which is amazing to me to even fathom this. The Knicks have been one of the worst run organizations in sports they've given out bad contract after bad contract. James Dolan has been a mess off the court the issues, which is Oakley. It goes on and on right? There's been so many issues with the New York Knicks. Okay. This team that was so dumb. Carmelo Anthony only wanted to play for the New York Knicks. He was in the final Ervin's contract. And you got it your roster to trade for Carmelo Anthony when he would have signed with you in the off season. Anyway. Okay. This is that same organization this organization could in a couple of months land to stars in Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Just because they're located in New York and just because they play in Madison Square Garden. It's kind of like the Dallas Cowboys like players want to play for him. Not that it's bringing them any high level of success. But because of the Dallas Cowboys, right? The Knicks are kind of that team like just because it's the Knicks and its New York, and it's Madison Square Garden, apparently people go there and with Kevin Durant is. It's this whole situation of well. I'm never going to get the credit. I properly deserve in Golden State, or at least. I'm never going to get the credit. I think I deserve. So if I go to New York, and if I carry a team there, maybe I will win back the fans that left me saying it was a cowardly moved to go to Golden State. So you have two guys at grumpy, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Then the question becomes if you win this lottery. Are you going after Anthony Davis do because that's the next good legitimately? Do. That would be the best piece that anybody anybody in the league could offer the New Orleans pelicans, the number one pick in the draft, which would mean, essentially the rights design Williamson. Okay. So you could have that if you're the New Orleans pelicans. That's why they made the right move the whole time I've been trying to say this by taking the Lakers deal because now Philadelphia maybe they become involved. They put Ben Simmons in this thing. We know the Celtics could offer Jason Tatum. Jalen brown. If say, hypothetically that they think that Kyrie irvings gonna stay. So there's that package out there. The Lakers packages still. There. There will be mystery teams that come around in this thing and Zion. Williamson out of all the stuff that people could offer. He would be the most attractive piece that anybody could offer. So the Knicks out of pure ineptitude. The Knicks pure incompetence could actually have the best trading piece to pick up a third superstar to pair hypothetically with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. They've been so bad that somehow this could result in them this summer landing Kevin Durant's, kyri Irving. Anthony davis. Because of the fact they've been so bad like Kevin Durant going to New York. It's not like he's going to a winner. Right. That's part of the reason he can leave golden safe for New York is essentially what he's saying is. Yeah, I'm going to place. It hasn't won since Phil Jackson was a player ongoing place. That's desperate for a winter. Like he can actually sell going to New York because it hasn't wanted a high level the franchise he can actually sell that. That's a selling piece for him to go to New York to win fans back, and you know, the Kevin Durant. The second he signs on the dotted line or the second. He releases something whatever like the player's Tribune. Or something the second. He does that. He is a hero in New York. He's a hero in New York. Okay. And it's all because of this organization's incompetence they've been so bad that Kevin ranker justify going there. They were so bad this year that they could have the number one pick in the draft which they could either use on Williamson who's the best prospect since Anthony Davis or they could use. I n Williams to trade four Anthony. Davis depending on what kyri Irving and what? Kevin Durant could hypothetically what could hypothetically want. Now, if I was New Orleans that would be the easiest trait of my life. Okay. So Anthony doesn't wanna player he has an opt-out after this year. He's going to be a free agent next summer. You're telling me that you're gonna give me Zion. Williamson I could get Zion. Williamson who is the best prospect since this guy Davis that we Drake that we drafted years ago. Okay. Yes. Sign me up for that one. But man, I got to tell you this. And I understand that the Knicks. There's not really a reason to hate them because they haven't been good in a while. But would kyri Irving and Kevin Durant pairing be like the most unlikable pairing in the NBA? This would be worse than the Dwayne Wade. Chris Bosh, LeBron James pairing, right or the trio if you will because that was the reason people hated that trio wasn't because Dwayne Wade was dislike -able it wasn't. Because Chris Bosh was dislike it was. Because of the fact of how they did it, right? Lebron did the whole decision thing. And then they had that. Press conference where they came like out of the ground. And the bronze said not one not two not three that championship thing. Right. So that's why that team became dislike -able, but this team in New York would be dislike -able because of the guys. Right. They hate the media. They go after everybody they seem like they feel like they're victims. Right. We've seen with Kevin Durant time after time where he thinks that he's a victim. Same thing with Kyra. Kyrie Irving thinks he's a victim like Cairo serving. Also, there's no accountability. Kyrie Irving the guys not accountable for anything the other night when he misses twenty two shots. He said I wish I took thirty the guys not accountable. He talks about the shooting woes. He says, I'm not worried. There's no accounting. There's no I haven't played well in this series. I have to play better on the reason. We're losing I have to be better on the leader of this. There's none of that. There's no accountability whatsoever. When his team is struggling during the regular season. What does he say the young guys don't know what it takes to win a championship? So there's no accountability with Cairo Irving, everything that happens to Cairo Irving. That goes against his legacy that works in a negative manner. He tries to spin it in a way that it's the media's fault. He blamed the media for the Celtics locker room issues. He said the media tries to rip apart locker rooms kyri. You're the guy that's called out the young guys. You're the guy that got in the coaches face after he called the play for somebody else. You're the guy that yelled at Gordon Hayward on the court for passing Jason Tatum. When he was wide open at the end of the game against the magic this year. When Tatum was trying to win the game. You're the guy that did all that. You're the guy that has had a bad effect on the locker room. You're the guy that said you can't wait around for Jalen Brown. You're the guy that did all this. And he had the DASS ity to blame the media to blame the media for trying to destroy his locker room when he was doing all that stuff internally. He had the gumption to say something along those lines. And also you factor in remember when hiree Irving and Kevin Durant were at the all star game. And there was that video that emerged where it looked like Kyrie was saying to max lots and then Kyrie Irving when in. Hey reporter, I should say here in Boston. The Boston Herald Stevo pet gave him the opportunity. He said, hey, you wanna kinda pour water on that? Because that video had leaked out. There any said that you guys just do this for the likes and clicks. And this guy Steve pet that didn't tweet video didn't even write about the video and was just asking Cairo to comment on it in Cairo Irving said you guys just do this for the likes in clicks. He said, do you think this is what the fans care about this exactly what the fans care about? If you're gonna leave the fans actually really do care about that. That's why Kevin Durant free agency and your free agency. And Anthony Davis is trade destination. Those have been like the hottest topics in the NBA season. So Mike God that team with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who had faked Twitter accounts. So he could go after fans fans that were criticizing him for leaving for Golden State two years later, he was still upset about that to the point where he put on Twitter that it's because it was Russ and nobody else around like that's why he left it. He'd. Didn't have enough around him to win a championship. He felt the need to defend himself on Twitter to just the random person that was tweeting at him. He made up a fake burner Twitter account. So that he could attack fans. Okay. Those two guys would be teaming up and possibly they team up with Anthony Davis who used to be likable. But now Anthony Davis says on LeBron show the shop that he couldn't believe after he asked for a trade that the fans booed him. He's like I poured seven eight years in there. And I go out there. And they me Anthony you ask the organization for a trade.

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