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Vanity Fair? Just dropped. A giant cover story on Star Wars. The rise of Skywalker. Beautiful pictures by Annie liebowitz of the cast, including Cal Ripken. And girl. I was quickly reading stuff through all the commercial breaks. They revealed a lot more than I thought they would reveal Lum. They confirmed that Jj Abrams. Good friend, and miss Felicity herself, Keri, Russell is in this movie. Rumors that she was ended there. She couldn't confirm it. Well, Vanity Fair, confirmed it and even showed her costume. It is a kick costume. She plays hold on a minute. It's a cool name to her costume is awesome. Let's see here there. She is. She plays a bad guy. She is a K. Russell masked scoundrel by the way. That's also what we call dawn masked, scoundrel, Zora, bliss who Zoe bliss and her mask is awesome. I want that mask. They also confirm that Kylo Ren. And Ray may have a deeper connection than has been previously revealed. Oh, which I'm shocked Vanity Fair wrote that hill. Richard E grant, people love him. He is a general. He's a bad guy. And now I'm really going out. And then I'll stop because mytalkers if you're not a nerd, you're like white Don, you'll love this. It is confirmed that the knights of Ren are in this movie there. The thought there, the elite guard that was mentioned in the force awakens. So they're in this to their favor. They've revealed some planets. Yeah. It's it's that's a lot. I'm shocked. And I know you're not a nerdy, rolling your eyes going. I don't understand the big deal. They are usually so secretive, but they gave a lot of details of light, basically what we can expect, and it's a lot, and they show a they even have a picture of the final lightsaber scene between Tyler and Ray it looks like they're in a body of water on crashed there on top of like a tie crashed typhi ter-. Oh, wow. They are showing a lot. They're showing the law, which are are beautiful, and Billy Dee Williams. Looks amazing shot of him in the cockpit of the millennium falcon. Annie liebowitz is so amazing. She's such a good photographer. Yeah. Oh, I'm just beyond

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