Trump urges Clinton to run again


Can't stop which is so good for the republican party the president adding that clinton should get on with her life that tweet may have been in response to something clinton said yesterday she took a swipe at the president while defending senate democrat al franken who is accused of sexual misconduct get willingness to be investigated as yet to take but requested if a kind of accountability i'm talking about i don't hear that from roy horror donald drought clinton speech uab see radio in new york ryan seacrest calls at reckless the allegation of sexual misconduct levelled against him by a former coworker at the eat television network in a statement to variety seacrest said he's truly sorry if he made his accuser feel anything but respd pit it's one of the president's priorities passing tax reform warm by the end of the year even with thirteen republicans voting against the house bill it's still won passage the difficult task now for the president is keeping senate republicans in line for their version of the legislation white house spokeswoman sarah sanders we certainly are so very confident that we're going to get this package pass we'd love to see some of the democrats come on board and support this historic piece of legislation republican wisconsin senator ron johnson has already said he's a no vote five other republican senators remain on the fence at the white house john decker fox news.

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