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Very and everybody's talking about it he don't act he don't an opinion he don't actually wanna do nothing right but paul ryan is a young gun in this in haste like an imperial also a yes he also believes insane shia that's what i'm saying i really don't believe now is trump a good person fuck now just just baying sidebyside with it and not stepping up is being a bad person i don't believe that he believes half the shit that pence says half the shit the pera reside whatever to what i want is for him to stay in power based on that but have no power because he's been main by the scandal in congress and all that they don't want folk with him anymore but congress also is losing power because we're gonna win two thousand eighteen and their association with trump is rendering them ineffective in other words i wanted to be the most lame duck fuck presidency in the history of america we skirt through it somehow and then we get an actual progressive i'm to 2020 should pay mlay fucking democraticsocialist i'm supremely glad you said that because that is exactly how but answer the question not as elqana jew but i was like honestly won't trump to still be here and 2020 but without being able to do anything i hope what happens from this is that at least enough people on his side go of fuck his approval rating drops nobody will work with them we look what we got going on right now as is yet we need some improvements be as long as he can't be don't pass no more bullshit and everything stays at it as is still 2020 because there i'm on canned of terrified that if he actually get impeach him we actually somehow threw him out of office number one like you said mike pence me and there are paul ron i'm scared that there will be literal deaths in the street yes and i don't want that major lazer when he twenty if he can just there in the 2020 we have a goddamn elects house kasai peaceful action good lord no but then we just actually vote him out and then we can turn it on their heads ago high stop fucking bitch in this is your goddamn president now i'm levin this part i hate when people i was hate when people said that like we elected of get the fuck.

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