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Yeah piledriver misses the sound conservative piledriver no it's not a piledriver because i mean this is what they heard in spokane valley bigger this that is his only to find run jiang no not a piledriver sorry i don't know why that was even effectively any good a it in texas highskill you're on ground zero hey like uh i really believe this sound is uh the wind going through those real tall big talk construction cranes not two million construction cranes in spokane valley it's uh pretty much flow money build a shot morale there i bet you name it gives a window and pusan steal it with skillet listen to me this is the question will ask you and i'm gonna ask you honestly you think for one minute that people living in a developed area of like spokane valley or even slovakia can't tell the difference between construction cranes and i mean i live downtown portland we have construction cranes everywhere and the other night when the wind blew i didn't hear anything blow through those crane nothing are we edward you hear the where are we the back of my bumper uh the back of my bumper on may eighteen wheeler woman i got it park i mean i i it's a win doing some hey you liked gambler football let me give you a baby tip denver broncos are gone play the atlanta falcons will super bowl that then mansion tripleb them them a uh what is that why is there no it's the seahawks dude atas ac ox is always the seahawks tyler lockett the rocket ease the man i love that guy guy while that guy uh is the.

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