Ukraine's LGBTQ soldiers hope their service will change hearts and minds


Attempt to have a more inclusive representative government system in that they're going to need but i don't think that the russians want to be left holding the bag for reconstruction and i think that the iranians are there for the longhaul but not in the support for reconstruction isis is the caliphate still still on the move baker caliphate the kalfin's over but isis has proven ability to reinvent itself it'd be flexible to respond so i think that will suit we're still going to have an isis threat but it's not going to be the type of ice it's not going to be the quasi state holding a massive amounts of territory doing taxation of populations is going to be more more than types of attacks in the middle east and elsewhere that will be attributed isis but it's more of that type of thing than it is than it is what we've seen over the past few years let's hope so moving on to north korea if you we can do it on nightly news and a mere forty we can certainly do it in seven minutes of the council on your segment where where where are we a meaning the world in regards to north korea at this moment you'll do the north korea the tuition the the nuclear programme be the defiance has for counterrevolution i put all this is at the top of the list the peace and security words in the world it hasn't created this the displacement that syria has has created or the terrorist threat the others in the weeks of of created but in terms of the catastrophic potential of nuclear war this is this is this is the top the list the peace and security issues to deal with and then today we saw we saw another missile strike.

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