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To all with Crystal Palace. Iran. Thrashed Real Madrid five one in L classic with the future of manager Yulia. And is now in serious doubt rail now ten in Lalita and in baseball Boston Red Sox the wraps on a dominating season with a five one win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in game five of the World Series. The Red Sox are killed their full title in fifteen years James more from James in twenty five minutes. In the meantime, let's talk about the computer giant IBM spending thirty four billion dollars to buy a software company that gives away its products for free business presented this morning. In Hong Kong is Andrew would Andrew what's this all about? Well, he doesn't give away all of the products for free. It gives away the key products. You remember the old thing they used to say is if you give them an official feed him for a day, if you give them if you teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for life. The capitalist version is you can also sell him fishing equipment. You can sell him magazines fishing. You can send him about theme holidays and conferences, and it's a bit like that with red hat, which is the company that IBM is board at the key to its business is the Lennox operating system which has been around for a couple of decades now, and it's no fun source software, and it's free. It's basically being put together by volunteers. So the problem is with the with the software is that because it's being put together volunteers. There isn't really anything like a company you can ring up or help desk. If you've got problems with Lennon's so company like red hat comes in and says, well, we'll solve your problems with lenox. We'll we'll adapts it. If you need it be we can debunk it. We come come connect you to other computer systems, and so on so red hat makes a lot of money out of that. It's also into cloud computing as well now IBM is the deal is worth thirty four billion IBM's worth. About one hundred ten billion on the stock market. So this is quite a big deal in terms of expanding the size of IBM rather. It's quite a big big takeover that might take a bit of time to digest IBM gets access to an awful lot more technology services. And traditionally IBM was very very good at coming up with big computers and lots of software and selling them a rather renting them to people. And so in a way, this is actually going backwards to what the IBM was like thirty forty years ago. Very good at coming up with software, which you can sell services rented out in effect, pay subscriptions and get cash again. And again and again. Yes. So IBM kind of coming full circle. Thank you. Andrea. That's our business presented this morning. Andrew would and as you may have had in the news throughout the last couple of days funds of LeicesteR Leicester City football club in Britain has confirmed. The chairman of the club died when his helicopter crushed outside the stadium on Saturday evening. All four people on board were also killed. Funds have been laying clubs shots and messages of support. Also the team stadium. Mr. VJ as was famously helped to put together a team which ton Waldron at one of the Premier League in two thousand sixteen at odds of five thousand to one at tell us more bottom and how he made his fortune that ended up in LeicesteR city's George McCloud who's a political risk consultant based in Bangkok. And you started his business is all right, George. Yes. That's correct. Now, would you would you say that he was immensely wealthy? He was he was a extremely wealthy businessman. His net worth was estimated at over three three billion US three point three billion. And speaking to my colleague Jonathan head not too long ago. He says that he wasn't that. Well known. In Thailand until he bought Leicester City. No, he was you know, he I I would say he was a figure of some controversy as well. He he he obtained a very lucrative duty free concession for Thailand's airports, which obviously did attract attention, but. His his acquiring of of the Leicester City football club sort of propelled him to to a new level, you know, locally as well, obviously internationally and what we've seen with other. Thai wealthy people. Not least should know what ended up in politics, but he stayed out into. Well, you know, formerly speaking he did. But behind the scenes, he's he's he's been incredibly active, politically, I'd say that that he stands apart in that sense. A lot of businessmen in Thailand try to deliberately steer clear of politics. He's been very active financing various sides of the political spectrum depending on I guess who's in power at the time. He's switched sides a number of times, then proved very dexterous at at navigating the difficult political system here, why Lester city of all the teams why did he pick it? Well, I mean for for one thing it was you know, it was an underdog team. And I think he set his sights on on, you know, wiping it into shape, which which he did very well. I mean, the shows a high level of sort of business acumen on his part and. It was very much a down de project. He he's as I say very wealthy, but he doesn't come from one of the legacy wealthy families here. And he was always struggling to gain acceptance in those circles, and I think acquiring that football club was partly intended for for that level of acceptance. So how will ties be reacting to his death? Well, there's obviously shock over this grief over this because he is possibly, you know, the the only figure in this country that's managed to internationalize himself to that degree. But you know, of course, I don't think people are in the under any illusions that they that he has been a figure of controversy as well. Good to talk to you. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. We've been speaking to George McLeod who is a political risk consultant based in Bangkok. So.

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